Brian G. Scott - Tales of Belfast and Beyond - the trilogy

The story of Sean McDevitt, a Belfast musician who gets caught up due to a distant family connection, in paramilitary drug dealing that goes disastrously wrong. Getting out in one piece, he ends up in Prague, just after the Velvet Revolution. There, he gets caught up in the corruption surrounding the restitution of property confiscated by the communists in 1947. He finds himself invited to become an 'advisor, and stumbles on a racket that undervalues properties that are then bought cheaply by a criminal gang. A complicated tale of rock-and-roll, drugs and corruption from which he emerges ahead of the game.

McDevitt is nicely settled down in the Caribbean, thanks to coming out of his previous escapades smelling of roses - and rich. Unfortunately, his past is about to catch up with him in the form of security forces from both the UK and US blackmailing him into acting as a tethered goat for the international criminal who nearly did for him last time. Getting accused of a brutal murder that he didn't commit, and having his wife and young son kidnapped was not part of the plan. Throw in germ warfare, US Special Forces and Islamic terrorists, and suddenly his life becomes as interesting as a smack in the mouth!

Sean McDevitt finds himself involved as the narrator, on the periphery of an investigation into the murder of an anonymous woman in West Belfast in 1973. This leads detectives into the heart of the Dirty War waged over a thirty-year period by security forces in Northern Ireland. Alongside their collusion with terrorists on both sides of the conflict, the trail leads to a paedophile ring sustained by blackmail and used as a conduit for arms and clandestine funds. It leads also to a mole within the Northern Ireland body politic. Corrupt police and army personnel attempt to sabotage the investigation by any means possible, including murder.