Here are some of the songs I've recorded over the years. Some I've written, some I've covered. More to come when I sort out some copyright issues and find the tracks!

Killing Machine - Brian Scott
Vehicle - original The Ides of March - Jim Feterik
Amsterdam - original Jacques Brel
Masters of the Dance - Brian Scott
Half-a-pound of Soul - original ETC - Vladimir Misik

So, anyhow in no particular order, best thanks for the recordings to Jimmy Lyons, Olin Nejschleba, Tim Tucker, Standa Kubes, Pavel Skala, Dan Neumann, Bob Cancro, Mary Mulrine, Guma Kulhanek, Jamie Rollins, Zuzanna Michnova, Ivan Mislikovjan, Tomas Kuca, Jarda Suchanek, Ladja Misik, Robin Renelt and ... of course, for all the memories, to the members of Light and Brian Scott and Band

The Agency Devil - promo video from the days when I was still young!
The Agency Devil - Brian Scott
Rhythm of the Blues - original Mary Chapin-Carpenter
Praying Mantra - Brian Scott